1st Pattern Lifchik
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A 1st pattern lifchik of the 1987 specification[1]
Type: Chest rig
Designation: Лифчик
Place of origin: USSR
Produced: 1985-1987
Material(s): canvas
Evolved from: Chicom Chest Rig
Evolved into: Second Pattern Lifchik
Used by: Soviet Armed Forces
Wars: Soviet–Afghan War
The First Pattern Lifchik is a canvas chest rig of Soviet origin.[2][3][4][5][6][7]


The 1st pattern lifchik chest rig is made of canvas. It has three main pockets which can hold up to six (two per pocket) AK-74 magazines.

There are also four secondary pockets which can hold up to four F1 or RGD-5 grenades. It also has two small pockets complemented with strips which can hold two RSP-30 flares.

The lifchik is fastened to the back of the wearer via simple belt-strap and two padded shoulder straps.

Manufacturer's stampings are located on the rear of the chest rig with the last two digits usually denoting the year of make.


The Chicom chest rig proved to be very successful design while being used by the Soviets thus they copied and modified it to meet their needs, creating the first Soviet chest rig which would be known informally as Lifchik (лифчик) meaning bra.

The 1st Pattern Lifchik appears to have been introduced in 1985. There three subvariations of the 1st Pattern Lifchik which have the same general design and differ only in their pocket closure system, also all of them have areas with velcro.

Another development of the Lifchik appeared in 1988 known as 2nd Pattern Lifchik, however, it was not distributed to the troops during the Soviet–Afghan War and according to photographic evidence, instead only the three subtypes of the 1st Pattern Lifchik were in use.[8]


Variant 1985Edit

The first variant of 1985 has distinctive snap fasteners similar to the US "lift-the-dot" snaps of the early 20th century. The male half of the snaps is hidden into the flap.

Variant 1986Edit

The second variant of 1986 has standard snap fasteners. The male half of the snaps is exposed.

Variant 1987Edit

The third variant of 1987 has the same snap fasteners like the 1986 variant but the male half of the snaps is hidden into the flap.

Field MadeEdit

Field made lifchik assembled from the pouches of RD-54 backpack.




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