Imperial Italic B
An Imperial Italic B helmet (modern reconstruction)[1]
Type: Infantry/Cavalry Helmet
Designation: Henry Russell Robinson: "Imperial Italic Type B"
Place of origin: Roman Empire
Produced: Tiberian period - around mid 1st century AD[2]
Manufacturer(s): Romans
Material(s): iron[3]
Evolved from: Imperial Italic Helmet (Type A)
Evolved into:  ???
Used by: Imperial Roman army
Wars:  ???
The Imperial Italic Helmet (Type B) is an iron helmet of Roman origin.[4][5]


The Imperial Italic Helmet B is a first generation helmet in the Imperial Italic line of helmets. It originated in Roman Italy, which was part of the Roman Empire. It was made of iron and brass.

The helmet was constructed of a rounded bowl, brow reinforcement or "peak", narrow neck guard with a single embossed step, and a brass trim. Its ear openings are protected by a turned-out flange, rather than the separate ear guards found on later models. The best surviving example of this type is in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb.

The Imperial Italic Helmet B was developed from the Imperial Italic Helmet A, and was used alongside it. The helmet was produced by Roman craftsmen and was used by the Roman Army during the Tiberian period and eventually evolved into the Imperial Italic C, D, E, F helmets. The Imperial Italic B helmet was classified as such by Henry Russell Robinson in his book "The Armour of Imperial Rome".


In popular cultureEdit

  • The Imperial Italic B helmet is featured in the video game Total War: Rome II. It is worn by the higher tier Roman units.
  • The Imperial Italic B helmet is featured in the video game Total War: Arena.