Kanady vzor 62
0000698 kanady armdne hned obuv vz62 300
Brown vz. 62 boots[1]
Type: Combat boots
Designation: Unknown
Place of origin: Czechoslovakia
Produced: 1962-1972
Manufacturer(s): Unknown
Material(s): leather
Evolved from: Kanady vz. 60
Evolved into: Kanady vz. 72
Used by: Czechoslovak People's Army
Wars: Unknown
The Kanady vzor 62 (Czech for Combat boots pattern 1962) are combat boots of Czechoslovak origin.[2]


The Kanady vz. 62 are derived from the Vz.60 boots and are nearly identical to them being made of leather and having high top cuffs with double buckles and with seven lace holes with eyelets. Their major difference is firstly in different leather color (brown instead of the usual black), the rubber soles that have simplified design lacking the bolted screws and having different sole pattern compared to the vz. 60.


The Kanady vz. 62 were a modification to the vz. 60 boots introduced in 1962 and were intended exclusively for officer's, which explain they relatively rare appearance when compared to classic vz. 60 boots. Also, like their successor, the Vz.72 boots, they are often incorrectly colloquially called Vz.60 boots.

They were being manufactured for ten years; from 1962 until 1972, when they were, together with the ordinary Vz.60 boots, replaced in service for Czechoslovakian People's Army by newer Vz.72 boots, which were also universal due to being being used by both officers and rest the soldiers.