Kanady vzor 72
Vyr 9726KANADY-60-foto-2
A vz. 72 combat boots[1]
Type: Combat boots
Designation: Unknown
Place of origin: Czechoslovakia
Produced: 1972-1990
Manufacturer(s): Unknown
Material(s): leather
Evolved from: Kanady vz. 62
Evolved into: Kanady vz. 90
Used by: Czechoslovak People's Army
Wars: Unknown
The Kanady vzor 72 (Czech for Combat boots pattern 1972) are combat boots of Czechoslovak origin.[2][3]


The Kanady vz. 72 are derived from the vz.60 boots and are the first major modification of the Czechoslovakian family of combat boots. The main differences compared to the previous boots are a radically different sole pattern (however, again featuring the same number of reinforcement screws on the same places), different cuff and buckles and different seam composition.

They were designed as a replacement for vz.60 and vz.62 boots, and were thus the first universal combat boots of Czechoslovakian People's Army, due to being used for both officers and rest of the soldiers, since the vz. 60 had a previously mentioned model only for officers; the vz. 62. They were produced from 1972 until the 1990 when they were replaced by new, Vz.90 (Vzor 1990) combat boots for both newly formed Czech and Slovakian armies, which were actually just Vz.72 boots with only buckling removed and replaced by slots for laces until the upper end of the boot.