Kanady vzor 90
A pair of summer vz 90 boots[1]
Type: Combat boot
Designation: Kanady Vz.90
Place of origin: Czech republic
Produced: 1990
Manufacturer(s): Unknown
Material(s): Leather, rubber, metal
Evolved from: Kanady vz. 72
Evolved into: None
Used by: Czech Army, Slovakian Army
Wars: Unknown
The Kanady vz. 90 (Combat boot Model 1990) are combat boots of Czechoslovak origin. They were design and introduced in early 1990s, after dissolution of Czechoslovakia and the fall of the Eastern bloc for newly formed Czech and Slovakian armies as a replacement for older, vz.60, vz.62 and vz.72 double buckle boots, which were used until then. The vz.90 were literally just vz.72 boots with with only buckling removed and replaced by metallic slots for laces until the upper end of the boot. However, in contrast to previous double buckle boots, the new vz.90 featured a summer and a winter model; the winter one had wool lining inside, between the layers of leather.


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