Krebs Custom Kalashnikov Rear Sight Rail
Type: Rail mount
Designation: Krebs Custom Kalashnikov Rear Sight Rail[2]
Place of origin: USA
Produced: At least 2009-???[3]
Manufacturer(s): Krebs Custom[2]
Material(s): 7075 aluminium alloy (rail section)[2]
carbon steel (rear locking mechanism)[2]
Evolved from: N/A
Evolved into: N/A
Used by:  ?
Wars:  ?
The Krebs Custom Kalashnikov Rear Sight Rail (KRSR) is an aluminium rail mount of American origin.[4][5]


The KRSR is a picatinny rail mount. It is intended for use with the stamped variants of the AK series assault rifles. The locking mechanism does not attach to the rear trunnion, but rather to the buttstock tang, using the original tang screw, it also has a windage adjustable M16A2 aperture rear sight. It is designed to attach to the rear sight support (in front), and the tang of the rifle (in back). The AR sights at the back of the receiver provide an approximately 60% greater sight radius. The KRSR is not compatible with Yugoslavian AK variants, Chinese AK variants, machined (milled) receiver AK rifles or any AK rifle with a folding stock or lacking a buttstock tang.


In popular cultureEdit

The KRSR is featured in the video game Call of Duty Online. It is attached to the AK-102, however it is depicted as being slightly fictionalised as the rear attachment mechanism is slightly different compared to the real KRSR.


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