Kubinka M1965
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1970s brown leather officer boots[1]
Type: Combat boot
Designation: Unknown
Place of origin: PRB
Produced: 1965-1980
Manufacturer(s): Unknown
Material(s): leather
Evolved from: Unknown
Evolved into: Kubinka M1980
Used by: Bulgarian People's Army
Wars: Unknown
The Kubinka M1965 is a combat boot of Bulgarian origin.[2]


The M1965 kubinki are made of leather and their most distinguishing feature is their high top cuffs that are fastened by a pair of buckles and uniquely shaped straps. They have at least four to five lace holes lacking eyelets. The soles are made of stacked leather pieces with rubber heels.


The Bulgarian army wore outdated jackboots and ankle boot type shoes known as cintarki during the 1960s. In 1965 the communist Bulgarian army underwent reforming its uniforms. Dobri Dzhurov was Minister of People's Defence during this period and it is considered that he was quite impressed with the high top combat boots of the Cuban army and introduced this type of boots for the officers of the Bulgarian army.

The Cuban boots that inspired the Bulgarian design were likely the US M-1943 boots as the Cubans were using pre-revolutionary era US supplied equipment and also considering the strap and buckle layout of the boots. The new combat boots did not receive an official designation but were colloquially called "Kubinki" (Bulgarian: Кубинки) meaning roughly "Cuban boots".

The M1965 kubinki were issued only to officers while the rank and file soldiers continued to wear the obsoleted cintarki ankle boots well into the 1970s. A new and more modern type of kubinki were introduced in 1980 for all ranks.[3][4]




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