Kubinka M1980
A pair of 1981 manufactured kubinki[1]
Type: Combat boot
Designation: Unknown
Place of origin: PRB
Produced: 1980[2]-1982[3]
Manufacturer(s): Shoe Factory Peshtera
Material(s): leather, rubber
Evolved from: Kubinka M1965
Evolved into: Kubinka M1983
Used by: Bulgarian People's Army
Wars: Unknown
The Kubinka M1980 is a combat boot of Bulgarian origin.[4][5][6]


The M1980 kubinki are a standard high top type combat boots. They are made of leather and have four lace hooks in addition to three lace holes with eyelets.

The boots have unique sole pattern that is not seen on any other type of combat boots. The soles are made of rubber and there are two sole variations, one is with exposed sole seams and the other is with covered with rubber seams, both sole variants also have a reinforcement "bridge" in the middle between the year of manufacture marker and the size number. The logo of State Economic Union Pirin is located on the bridge. The lining inside the boots is white and the insoles are made of leather.


Prior the 1980s the rank and file Bulgarian soldiers wore highly outdated ankle boots known as cintarki and only the officers were issued with high top combat boots known as kubinki. In 1980 a new and more modern model kubinki were introduced for all ranks, finally updating the footwear inventory of the communist Bulgarian army to contemporary standards.

The M1980 kubinka got rid of the buckles and straps fastening cuffs, added eyelets, lace hooks and rubber soles with distinctively unique pattern that is not seen on other combat boots. It was manufactured by the Peshtera Shoe Factory, a subsidiary of the State Economic Union Pirin. The model was produced until 1983 when a new model of kubinki was introduced.



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