M40 First Pattern Tropical Boot
Miniature model of M40 first pattern tropical boot
Type: Tropical combat boot
Designation:  ?
Place of origin: Nazi Germany
Produced: 1940-1941[1]
Manufacturer(s):  ?
Material(s): canvas/leather[2]
Evolved from: N/A
Evolved into: M1941 Second Pattern Tropical Boot
Used by: Afrika Korps
Wars: World War II
 The M1940 First Pattern Tropical Boot (Model 1940) is a combat boot of German origin.[3]


The M1940 First Pattern Tropical boots were the first model of tropical boots produced by Nazi Germany. They were intended for the arid conditions of North Africa and as such were used during the North African Campaign. The M1940 Boot was the basis for the later M1941 Second Pattern Tropical Boot.



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