An olive drab M53 field jacket[1]
Type: Combat jacket
Designation: M53
Place of origin: Netherlands
Produced: 1950s-1980s[2]
Manufacturer(s): Seyntex, H.v. Puijenbroek, Wahler
Material(s): cotton[3]
Evolved from: Unknown
Evolved into: Unknown
Used by: Royal Netherlands Army
Wars: Unknown
The M53 is a combat jacket of Dutch origin.[4][5][6]


The M53 jacket is made of cotton and is double layered including the sleeves. It has five pockets in total, two chest pockets and two hip pockets that are of slanted design for ease of access plus one internal pocket. The jacket is fastened by seven covered front buttons and has buttoned shoulder straps, there are also four buttons beneath the rear of the collar for attachment of hood. It has internal drawstring adjuster at the waist and an elasticated one at the bottomhem. The cuffs have double button and tongue adjusters. An addtional liner can be attached inside the jacket via fifteen buttons in case of cold weather.

This model of jacket is known as "M53" suggesting that it was introduced in 1953. There are specimens manufactured in 1989 thus the M53 was produced until the late 1980s or early 1990s. The characteristic slanted chest pockets were likely inspired by the US M42 airborne jacket and the flaps of the hip pockets are nearly identical to the US M43 jacket. It was produced mainly by three manufacturers: Seyntex, H.v. Puijenbroek and Wahler.


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