NVA Regenumhang
98495 ts
An early version, brown Regenumhang[1]
Type: Rain cape
Designation: Unknown
Place of origin: GDR
Produced: At least 1948[2]-???
Manufacturer(s): Unknown
Material(s): rubberized cotton[1]
Evolved from: Unknown
Evolved into: Unknown
Used by: National People's Army
Wars: Unknown
The NVA Regenumhang is a rain cape of German origin.[3][4][5][6][7]


The NVA Regenumhang is a rain coat made of rubberized cotton canvas material. The coat has covered buttons for fastening and two large arm slits which are also fastened by buttons. There is also a detachable hood which is attached via buttons under the back side of the collar. The early period manufactured capes were of brown color while the later ones were grey. These capes are similar to the Soviet variants, however, the most distinguishing feature of the East German cape is its tartan plaid lining. The garment was rolled and strapped to the back of a belt when not in use. The cape had the tendency to leak if it was exposed to several hours of raining and to accommodate for this, Grenzers used to wear the NBC droplet shelter from their Respirator bag inside it as an additional liner.



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