Opinacz wzór 58
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A wz. 58 boot[1]
Type: Combat boot
Designation: Unknown
Place of origin: PRL
Produced: 1958-???
Manufacturer(s): Unknown
Material(s): leather
Evolved from: Possibly French?
Evolved into: Unknown
Used by: Polish People's Army
Wars: Unknown
The Opinacz wzór 58 is a combat boot or Polish origin.[2]


The Opinacz wz. 58 are made of leather and have high top cuffs with double buckles similar to the US M43 boots. They have at least six lace holes with eyelets. The soles are made of rubber and have unique pattern, which is not seen on other combat boots. The heel cap goes up the back. Another distinctive feature is the toe cap edge which is wave shaped instead of straight.


In popular cultureEdit

  • The wz. 58 boots are featured in the film Red Berets.