S10 NBC Respirator
A S10 NBC Respirator without filters[1]
Type: Gas mask
Designation: S10 NBC Respirator
Place of origin: United Kingdom
Produced: 1986-???
Manufacturer(s): Avon Rubber
Material(s): Unknown
Evolved from: Unknown
Evolved into: Unknown
Used by: Unknown
Wars: Unknown
The S10 NBC Respirator is a gas mask of British origin.[2]


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The S10 NBC Gas Mask has two circle lens for viewing. It has two slots for two filters, although one is already enough. The slot in the middle is for drinking apparatuses. It has adjustable straps just in case the mask does not fit the user. The S10 NBC Gas Mask (Nuclear Biological Chemical) is a respirator used by the British Armed Forces. It is also available to civilians as surplus. Not recommended to be used as a protection against radioactive elements. Check mask and filter for any damage.


In popular culture Edit



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