Tercio Uniform
EscanearFELIPE V0006
A grenadier of the Regiment de Castilla wearing the post 1707 white uniform and an officer wearing the old Morados Viejos uniform[1][2]
Type: Battledress
Designation: Unknown
Place of origin: Habsburg Spain
Produced: Circa 1682 - early 18th century
Manufacturer(s): Unknown
Material(s): Unknown
Evolved from: Unknown
Evolved into: Unknown
Used by: Tercios
Wars: War of the Spanish Succession
The Tercio Uniform (1682 – 1700) is a battledress of Spanish origin.[3][4][5][6]


The Spanish army did not have officially regulated uniforms prior to the 1660s. Officially the first tercios to have uniforms were the first five provincial Tercios in 1660 - 1670 decade. Some of the later  provincial Tercios created in 1694 had also an official uniforms. The uniform was composed of a coat with a large label, a trouser, stockings, a white tie and a shirt normally white. The coat’s label and the label of the sleeve had the colour of the distinction. Normally, for the Spanish Tercios, the trouser was yellow  and the stocking red (according to Conde de Clonard description).


In popular cultureEdit



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