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    The "Undead Warden" is a customization uniform available in the multiplayer of the video game Call of Duty: WWII. It appears to represent a zombie hunter in the fictional zombie universe of the game.

    • Model 8 helmet

    • Custom leather trench coat
    • Medical Research Council armor
    • Gasmaske 30
    • WW2 British canvas belt
    • Unidentified canteen (Czechoslovakian M60???)
    • Unidentified rifle mag pouches
    • Unidentified large pouch
    • WW1 trench raiding club in wrap

    • Armband/bandage on left arm
    • Unidentified gloves
    • Chain wrapped around right hand

    • Unidentified trousers
    • Unidentified boots or gaiters???
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    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a faction featured in the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, they are active in 2025. They appear to be based on the FBI SWAT.

    • Generic single hole balaclava
    • Fictionalized M50 gas mask with S10 sound membrane and 40mm NATO filter
    • Unidentified headphones
    • Unidentified goggles
    • Unidentified goggles
    • Unidentified helmet
    • Unidentified hood

    • Blue ACU jacket
    • Blackhawk Omega Elite Phalanx vest
    • Fictional composite material body armor
    • Unidentified pouches
    • Unidentified mag pouches
    • MK3 offensive hand grenade with pouch
    • Unidentified radio and pouch
    • Leatherman MUT tactical multi-tool
    • Unidentified comtac
    • Unidentified flashlight

    • Unidentified gloves
    • Fictional wrist mounted display based on concept prototypes
    • Arm protector

    • Blue ACU trous…

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