OpFor represents a generic Arabic/Middle Eastern/Islamist paramilitary organization featured in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, they are active in 2016.

Being a non-regular army they do not sport sophisticated gear such as helmets and others. However, they are equipped with obsolete American equipment, such as ALICE load bearing systems, woodland camouflaged BDU pants and MOLLE vests, this is somewhat plausible as these items are available worldwide as a surplus militaria.

The following is a list of the equipment used by the OpFor in game (the gear varies between the different character models):


  • None
  • Generic black colored beret
  • Generic gray balaclava
  • Grey keffiyeh
  • Red keffiyeh
  • Generic aviator glasses
  • White headband with Arabic inscriptions


  • Black BDU shirt
  • MOLLE vest (unidentified type)
  • LC-1 Individual Equipment Belt Suspenders
  • LC-2 Individual Equipment Belt
  • AK47 Triple Magazine Shingle
  • Unidentified AK47 magazine pouches
  • Ammo belts (unidentified caliber and pattern)
  • Unidentified knife
  • Unidentified canteen
  • M67 grenade



  • Woodland camouflaged BDU pants
  • Black BDU pants
  • Unidentified combat boots

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