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    The CGT is a faction in Battlefield 4. They appear as enemies in the campaign but have different models from their multiplayer counterparts. The campaign models have a standard infantry look while the multiplayer models are more equipped with better armor and gear.

    • Chinese copy of PASGT helmet in Chinese oceanic blue ERDL camo

    • Unknown uniform in oceanic blue ERDL camo
    • Unknown MOLLE body armor
    • Unknown pouches
    • Unknown elbow pads
    • Unknown backpack
    • Unknown gloves

    • Oceanic blue ERDL camouflaged pants
    • Unknown pistol holster
    • Military gaiters
    • Unknown boots

    • Black Protec helmet with velcro patch and backup NVG head mount
    • Generic balaclava
    • Unknown goggles

    • Black ACU jacket (can be customized with different camouflages)
    • Unknown MOLLE body armor
    • Unknown pouches
    • Unknown bac…

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    The GHOSTS (Group for Specialized TacticS) are an American special ops group created by Tom Clancy. They are the main protagonistic force of the Ghost Recon series. In GRFS, you play as two teams, Predator Team (only for the prologue mission) and Hunter Team. They are playable in multiplayer alongside the Bodark Special Operatives.

    • Ops-Core FAST helmet (with or without ear protection)
    • Baseball cap
    • Bandana mask
    • Beanie cap
    • Fictional TCI Liberator III Tactical Headset (based on TCI Liberator II Tactical Headset)
    • Fictional Integrated Warfighter Helmet 2014 (based on Crye Precision Airframe ATX helmet with maxillofacial protection)
    • Fictional Modular Integrated Communications Helmet 2015 (based on MICH 2001)
    • Unknown goggles (worn by Ghost riflemen)
    • Unkno…

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    Raven's Rock is an ultranationalist group that appears in GRFS. They have gained influence by weapons manufacturing and selling, they even gained a large portion of the Russian military. Their main troops have tactical gear while the ones operating in places near/within Russia wear gear that has a mix of anachronistic and modern gear.

    • Russian paratrooper beret
    • Unknown russian helmet in KKO woodland camo
    • ZSh-1 titanium crash helmet
    • Generic two/three hole balaclava
    • Generic beanie cap
    • Russian maroon beret

    • Winter jacket with late woodland KKO camouflage (with/without hood)
    • Spetsnaz breast patch
    • Unknown leather suspenders
    • 6sh92-5 vest
    • Paratrooper-M40L SPLAV backpack
    • Unknown coveralls
    • Unknown walkie talkie (oddly has a mobile phone's keypad on it)

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    The Bodark are a rogue special forces unit operating in Russia. They are well-trained like their American counterpart, the Ghosts. They are playable in multiplayer mode.

    • Fictional GPH-3A helmet
    • Fictional GPH-1A helmet (based on MICH 2001 helmet)
    • Fictional GPH-2A helmet
    • Fictional GPH-3B helmet
    • Fictional helmet covers
    • Fictional half-face respirator mask (resembling M10 gas mask)
    • Unknown glasses (resembling these worn by Bulgarian soldiers)
    • Unknown oval shaped glasses
    • Fictional balaclava

    • Unknown hooded jacket
    • Fictional tactical shirt (resembles Blackhawk tactical shirt)
    • Generic black blouse
    • Fictional hoodie
    • Unknown body armor
    • Unknown X-strap webgear (same as the one worn by RGF paratroopers)
    • Unidentified pouches
    • Fictional butt pack
    • Red carabiner

    • Unspecified Rus…

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    The OMON/OMOH are enemies in the missions Argent Thunder and Invisible Bear. They are seen attempting a coup under the orders of a corrupt Russian president. They are also seen protecting 4 HVTs from the Ghost team.

    • ZSH-1 Helmet with visor (clear visor and yellow)
    • Two hole balaclava
    • Russian maroon beret
    • PBF gas mask

    • Urban KKO camouflaged jacket
    • Kazak-4 (C/H-03) vest (ref 2)

    • Urban KKO camouflaged pants
    • Unknown boots

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