The Bodark are a rogue special forces unit operating in Russia. They are well-trained like their American counterpart, the Ghosts. They are playable in multiplayer mode.


  • Fictional GPH-3A helmet
  • Fictional GPH-1A helmet (based on MICH 2001 helmet)
  • Fictional GPH-2A helmet
  • Fictional GPH-3B helmet
  • Fictional helmet covers
  • Fictional half-face respirator mask (resembling M10 gas mask)
  • Unknown glasses (resembling these worn by Bulgarian soldiers)
  • Unknown oval shaped glasses
  • Fictional balaclava


  • Unknown hooded jacket
  • Fictional tactical shirt (resembles Blackhawk tactical shirt)
  • Generic black blouse
  • Fictional hoodie
  • Unknown body armor
  • Unknown X-strap webgear (same as the one worn by RGF paratroopers)
  • Unidentified pouches
  • Fictional butt pack
  • Red carabiner




  • Bodark rifleman
  • Rear view of Bodark rifleman
  • Bodark scout (the webgear he is wearing is the same as the RGF paratrooper, sans diagonal strap)
  • Rear view of Bodark scout
  • unknown helmet, labeled ingame as "GPH-3A"
  • unknown helmet based on MICH 2001, labelled as "GPH-1A"
  • unknown helmet, labelled as GPH-2A

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