The Russian Ground Forces are a common enemy in GRFS, starting from the mission Firefly Rain. They are seen wearing modern Russian uniforms but look under-equipped, lacking pistol holsters and headsets.
RGF daypack

A Paratrooper-M 40L SPLAV backpack


  • Possibly a ZSH 09 helmet with woodland camo cover
  • Generic two/three hole balaclava
  • Generic beanie hat


  • Unknown webgear
  • Unidentified radio
  • Unknown X-strap webgear
  • Unknown coveralls 


  • Unidentified gloves



  • Clearer shot of a RGF trooper
  • RGF scout with a 6sh92-5 vest
  • Kozak lays down a dead RGF snowtrooper
  • Rear view of RGF trooper
  • RGF troopers engage in a gunfight (unknown webgear and coveralls shown)

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