Russian special forces can be first seen in the mission Silent Talon, guarding a military-grade weapon cache alongside other RGF troops. In this mission, they can be seen wearing winter camouflage.  They appear later on in the game alongside RGF troops. They have more armor equipped than other troops but this is purely cosmetic.
Heavy spetsnaz back

Rear view of heavy Spetsnaz operative

Heavy spetsnaz

Heavy spetsnaz operative (note that his uniform is a coverall)


  • Two hole balaclava
  • Maska-1SCH Titanium helmet with fictional HUD monocle and earpiece
  • ZSH-1 helmet (without visor and is painted white)
  • Unknown earpiece


  • 6B13 body armor modified with single shoulder plate and quick
    Spetsnaz heavy 2

    Spetsnaz soldier running to his death (note the collar on his coveralls)

    release straps instead of side protection


  • Unknown gloves


  • Generic jump boots


Unknown daypack in forest camo (has the russian flag patch on it)

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